Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you gals ready to CROP???

Only one week left until our big 12hr crop!! I am so excited. Some things to think about this week...
Set a goal! How many LO's would you like to accomplish? Cards? Projects? Think about how great you will feel to go home and say, Look honey I!
Plan ahead of certain photos or events you want to work on.
If a group of you are coming, check with each other what tools and things like that they are bringing and plan to share to save room for other things.
Adhesive, adhesive, adhesive!! It goes faster than you think when you are creating for 12 hrs straight.
Creativity comes easier when comfy! Comfy clothes, sweats, slippers, hair in pony tail...we do not care how you are dressed, and I am sure would be more impressed with your creativity, than if your shoes match your purse. lol

I have lots to do this week to get ready, and I also have a busy week of meetings, class, and just the general family stuff. But I will be around so if anyone has any questions, or needs anything, just let me know. Email, post on the yahoo group, or give me a call. See everyone next weekend!