Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yep, those are flowers.

OK, So I know my DH is about as interested in SB as I am with his deer hunting. And I know it is my own fault for asking the question in the wrong way. What I should have asked..."Honey, aren't these flowers I made, pretty?" and his answer would have been "Yes, those flowers are pretty" But not thinking, I asked... "Honey, what do you think of the flowers I made?" his response was..."yep, those are flowers" So here is a photo of my "yep, those are flowers" that I made today and I hope you enjoy them a tad more than he did. Enjoy!


  1. LOL That is tooo funny!!! I have one of those hunting husbands too ;)

    Your flowers are AWESOME!! I love them!! How did you do make them????

  2. Leave it to a man to be nice but have no idea honey. I like them and I think they're very pretty!!

  3. I really like them, very pretty! I need to make some of my own flowers too...My Dh is really into aquariums, so if I oh and ahh over his fish he does the same for me. Funny how it works:)

  4. too funny about DH I think they are really pretty and very creative

  5. those look terriffic! I love cute!